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24 Jul 2019
1 min
New Choice of Accomodation – Furama City Centre
Officers checking into Furama City Centre, a new addition under the SAS Scheme.

The Seafarers’ Accomodation Scheme (SAS) is into its second pilot year, providing 6,000 subsidised hotel rooms to officers from Collective Agreement (CA) companies. The scheme which costs the union $300,000 not only helps the companies with some financial relief but it ensures that the welfare of seafaring officers who have to stay in Singapore for training or when they sign on/off a ship, are well taken care of.

All CA companies will continue to enjoy SAS subsidy, with new improvements from 1 January to 31 December 2019.

  • Each SAS e-Voucher, valued at S$50 can be used to offset accomodation costs.

  • This year, the SAS allows the flexibility of combining multiple voucher codes to offset room charges.

  • SAS e-Vouchers can be used at The Seacare Hotel and Furama City Centre (new*)

Furama City Centre

+65 6531 5318

The Seacare Hotel

+65 6818 2680

Furama City Centre's rooms are comfortable and spacious for a well-rested night.