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15 Oct 2021
2 mins
Picking Up A New Skill At The Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License Course

SMOU believes that learning never stops, and lifelong learning is important for lifelong growth! In line with that, a two-day ‘Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License Course’ across 18 – 19 September was organised for SMOU members to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate engine-powered or jet-propelled pleasure crafts safely within the port waters.

Participating in the course were a total of 13 eager attendees, with 9 at the Sentosa Cove marina, and 4 at the Raffles marina. The course included theory lessons on safe navigation of craft within port waters and other necessary expertise, before a practical session out in the waters.


SMOU Member of 15 years, Archippus Yang, and his wife Fiona signed up for the course together with the interest to learn about boating. “I am pleased that the course and the practical lessons gave me a taste of driving a boat. SMOU has done a good job organising (the course) and the instructors were good, knowledgeable and friendly,” said Mr Yang on his experience.

Another SMOU member of 14 years, Siti Shalfarraz, thanked SMOU for organising the course saying that it was “educationally a fruitful experience especially during the practical lessons” as she got to learn and understand the Rules of the Road in seawaters.


SMOU member participants enjoyed a fruitful two days of meeting new boating buddies, while also gaining a new skill in the outdoors!