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12 May 2020
2 mins
Ships in Singapore Waters Sound Horns to Show Appreciation for Seafarers on May Day

May Day in Singapore is an occasion to acknowledge the valuable contributions of workers and to reaffirm the commitment of labour movement leaders, employers and the Government to safeguard the interest of workers.

Singapore had gotten the public to clap for #SGUnited, a campaign to show their appreciation for workers at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. On the maritime front, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), SMOU, the Singapore Organisation of Seamen and the Singapore Shipping Association called for ships in the Port of Singapore to collectively sound their horns for 15 seconds at 12 noon (Singapore local time) on May Day. The act serves as a tribute to seafarers for keeping the supply chains and maritime trade going amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

SMOU General Secretary Mary Liew reminded that “seafarers are essential service providers of the global supply chain. They play a critical role during this pandemic by transporting essential goods such as food and medicine to consumers and hospitals across the world.”

On 1st May, Senior Minister of State of Transport Lam Pin Min shared a video footage of ships in the Port of Singapore sounding the horns for more than 15 seconds in his Facebook post, he added that he was amazed by the sound of solidarity and thanked all seafarers, the unsung heroes of global trade.

“In these challenging times, we wish to show our appreciation to maritime personnel, especially seafarers, and stand in solidarity to ensure that the global trade and supply lines stay resilient to support pandemic response around the world,” said MPA Chief Executive Quah Ley Hoon.

While clapping for workers at the forefront and sounding the horn for seafarers is truly a heartwarming gesture, it is important to recognise that seafarers are essential service providers of the global supply chain. Let us laud these unsung heroes not only during the COVID-19 pandemic, but daily and throughout the year.

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