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11 Apr 2023
4 mins
SMOU Company Union Rapport Exercise (C.U.R.E) Golf & Dinner 2023

There is nothing is like a game of golf for bipartite relationships, which was the case for SMOU and the shipping community on 2 March 2023 when the Company Union Rapport Exercise (C.U.R.E) golf returned full swing after the pandemic. Around 100 golfers turned up on the Thursday morning ready to swing some clubs and catch up with SMOU officials and fellow industry partners in Maritime.

SMOU officials greeted arriving guests with a welcome goodie bag, Golfers included representatives from tripartite partners, the Singapore Maritime Employers’ Federation, the NTUC Central Committee, and our shipping companies with collective bargaining agreements with SMOU.

Energised with lunch, the golfers hopped into their buggies and proceeded to their respective Aranda and Dendro courses to start the game. Skillful drives were spotted, as golfers networked and chatted on the course like old friends at a reunion meet-up.

In the evening, everyone freshened up from the golf game and prepared for the networking dinner ahead of them. Having warmed up to one another from the game in the morning, the atmosphere was filled with life and energy.

Opening the dinner was SMOU President Mr Rahim Jaffar who gave an address thanking shipping partners for their involvement with SMOU to support the maritime sector. “As we sail ahead towards the future, we also look forward to partner with to create win-win outcomes, and add more value for workers and employers alike,” he said in his speech, and closed off by encouraging everyone to relax and have a good time.

Mr Chandru, General Manager at Asian Lift and Chairman of the Singapore Maritime Training Fund, took the stage to host the rest of the evening’s programme including the prize presentation for the golf game. 

A night of rapport-building is not complete without a chance at belting favourite tunes together, and so a two-piece band brought on good times by playing classic tunes and inviting the audience to show off their singing abilities. From English to Mandarin songs, those that wanted to take a shot at the microphone got a chance to serenade the hall and frolic with the others.

C.U.R.E events have been a staple for relationship building between the union and shipping companies, and the reasons for it was evident in the interactions that day.


“I am happy that SMOU connects companies and the employees, and they consider the mutual benefit of both parties. We should always have the dinner after golf, as we have a good emcee, and it is beneficial for us network and strengthen relationship between the union and shipping companies. SMOU is the best Union in the world, and I really appreciate the activities from SMOU.”

Tanaka, Managing Director, Concerto Singapore

“The Union and Company (relationship) plays a very important role between the employers and the most important people in shipping – the seafarers. As a seafarer myself, it is definitely a fantastic feeling because coming to an SMOU event is like coming back home. So, I am extremely happy to be back here with our seafaring friends and the union representatives, sharing those light moments and having meaningful conversations at the event – that is where it all matters.”

Captain Lekshmi Salvady, Managing Director, Anglo-Eastern Tanker

“The relationship between the union and the company is very important because we work for the same cause and purpose. With the partnership, we can do a lot of things for seafarers who are important to both the union and the shipping companies. The excitement I have witnessed, along with the people here today are reflective of how successful today’s event has been. SMOU has always been very great in organising events especially with the backdrop of Tripartism, so I think SMOU is really doing a good job.”

Captain Saurabh Mahesh, Global Marine Sourcing Strategy Lead, Marine HR, A.P. Moller