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17 Dec 2019
1 min
SMOU Family Connecting at The Bicentennial Experience

As the centrepiece event of the Singapore Bicentennial, the Time Traveller multimedia sensory experience brought SMOU members back in time to witness key moments in Singapore’s transformation from 1299, shaped by wider regional and global shifts. Members enjoyed a front-row view of Singapore’s 700-year history with five multimedia shows and experienced first-hand sights, sounds and drama of formative events throughout Singapore’s evolution. The final act had participants grab an umbrella before entering the room. It was remembered in history that it poured on the first national day parade in 1966. A powerful climax to the show, everyone present was visibly awed and moved.

The Bicentennial Experience continued as SMOU members and their families headed back to Lighthouse Bistro for a high tea buffet of local delights such as laksa and putu piring.

Entertainment, games and a sing-along session had members on their feet once again. To round up the Family Connection, a lucky draw segment sent many of the members home with gifts and the satisfaction of a Bicentennial Experience that can never be replicated.

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