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31 May 2024
5 mins
SMOU launches $2.75m upgraded Wavelink Maritime Simulation Centre at Advancing Maritime Resilience: No One is Left Behind Seminar

SMOU has invested $2.75 million in upgrading Wavelink Maritime Simulation Centre; transforming the Centre into a ground-breaking facility equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Simulation technology.

“The enhancement of the Wavelink Maritime Simulation Centre marks a new chapter in SMOU’s mission of preparing future-ready seafarers,” said Guest-of-Honour Minister Grace Fu, Ministry for Sustainability and the Environment, and Minister-in-Charge of Trade Relations at the launch of the upgraded Centre on 29 February 2024 at Devan Nair Institute.

The upgraded WMSC, with its cutting-edge technology, is designed to train seafarers for the complexities of handling alternative fuels such as LNG, methanol, and ammonia, while the simulation of real-world scenarios enables seafarers to develop decision-making abilities and refine their operational proficiency.

Minister Fu commended SMOU for advocating for seafarers. “As we transit towards sustainable shipping, we must not forget that people are at the heart of the industry,” she stressed. “We will need to ensure that our maritime workforce is ready and equipped to support the sector’s inclusive transformation.”

Besides upskilling seafarers, the WMSC also acts as a platform for tripartite collaborative training efforts, fostering stronger partnerships between unions, government agencies and training providers, and strengthening the industry’s response to evolving challenges and promoting knowledge sharing.

Affirming SMOU’s committed to championing the tripartite collaborative spirit, Brother Thomas Tay, SMOU Emeritus General Secretary and Chairman of Wavelink Co-operative Ltd, said at the event that through the new simulator, the Union forges partnerships with industry leaders to train the next generation of seafarers.

“Our vision extends beyond mere training; we are leveraging technology to enhance the skills and capabilities of our Singapore Core seafarers, ensuring they remain at the forefront of global maritime excellence,” he added.

The inauguration of the Centre took place on the the same day as the “Advancing Maritime Resilience: No One is Left Behind” Seminar organised by SMOU. By doing so, SMOU sent a strong message of its “unwavering commitment to discussing industry challenges” but also highlights the Union’s “collective efforts to enhance maritime resilience”, SMOU General Secretary Mary Liew pointed out.

In the keynote address, Mr Steve Cotton, General Secretary of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) underscored the importance of shared responsibility, empowering the maritime workforce through training, and championing sustainability without disadvantaging stakeholders in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

The seminar also featured two enlightening panel discussions on prioritising a “Just Transition”, moderated by Ms Caroline Yang, President of Singapore Shipping Association (SSA); and importance of “Training, Now is the Time”, moderated by Mr Cheah Aun Aun, Director, Shipping and Marine of Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

The first panel discussion delved into how the industry’s decarbonisation goals can be achieved while ensuring a just transition for seafarers. The second panel discussion had speakers elaborating on strategies to equip the maritime workforce to navigate the evolving landscape while effectively implementing sustainable practices.

The Panellists were Sister Mary Liew, Mr Stephen Cotton, Mr Hoe Soon Tan from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Mr. Lars Kastrup from Pacific International Lines (PTE) Ltd, Capt Md Kamal Hossain from Hong Lam Marine Pte Ltd, Mr Dennis Svane Hansen from AP Moller (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Capt. Zheng Yi from MPA, Capt Chatur Wahyu from the Singapore Maritime Academy, and Mr Tay Keong Kok from WMI Wavelink Maritime Institute.

As Minister Fu pointed out, the maritime industry has a key role to play in reducing its emissions and contributing to the fight against climate change.

The adverse effects of climate change is affecting shipping routes and maritime operations and at the same time, global shipping accounts for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The impetus of maritime decarbonisation is clear.

The time for action is indeed now. As a maritime nation whose story is inextricably linked to the sea, Singapore will play our part.


We Say…

Ms Mary Liew, General Secretary, SMOU: “The upgraded Wavelink Maritime Simulation Centre is a testament to SMOU’s commitment to providingoua members with the best possible training and ensuring they are at the forefront of the maritime industry. This investment will empower them to excel in their careers, navigate the evolving landscape, and contribute to a sustainable future for our sector.”

Ms Caroline Yang, President, Singapore Shipping Association: “The upgraded WMSC signifies a pivotal stride towards a safer, more efficient maritime industry…”

Mr Steve Cotton, General Secretary, International Transport Workers’ Federation: “The WMSC enhances skills and symbolises a collective commitment to elevate maritime education standards, foresting a safer, proficient global workforce aligned with ITF’s vision…”

Mr Tan Hoe Soon, Assistant Chief Executive (Corporate & Strategy) of Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore: “SMOU’s upgraded WMSC is a investment in the future of international shipping and will contribute to the development of highly skilled seafarers, thereby ensuring seafarers are prepared for industry’s transition to the use of low- or zero-emission fuels safety and the adoption of new digital solutions to make shipping more efficient…”

Mr Teo Keong Kok, Director, Wavelink Maritime Institute: “We are excited to empower the next generation of maritime professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in this dynamic industry.”


You can find more photos of the event here.