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08 May 2020
2 mins
All You Need to Know About Seafarers’ Provident Fund

Seafarers’ Provident Fund (SPF) is a savings scheme set up by the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU) in 2001, to improve the welfare of seafaring members working on board ships covered by the SMOU Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs). Since 1 October 2012, it has been terminated. All SPF members can come forth to withdraw their SPF balance.

As the administrator of the fund, Wavelink Thrift Pte Ltd is here to address any queries and help with seafarers’ SPF withdrawal application. To understand SPF better, we list some FAQs as follows:

1.  What happens to my SPF after its termination?
Your SPF balance is now available for withdrawal. All SPF members have been reminded to submit their SPF withdrawal application. The withdrawal form can be downloaded at or

2.  What is the deadline for submission of SPF withdrawal?
1 December 2021.

3.  I sailed on a Singapore flagged vessel previously, does it mean that I have an SPF account?
SPF contributions were made by shipping companies for officers who worked on board SMOU CBA vessels between 1 January 2000 to 1 June 2012. To confirm if you have an SPF account, please contact the SPF Administrator at or +65 6390 1661 with your fill name, date of birth and both old/new passport numbers.

4.  What documents must I provide to withdraw my SPF balance?
Upon confirmation of your SPF account, you are required to provide your duly completed SPF withdrawal form, accompanied with copies of these relevant documents:
•  Copy of NRIC/Passport (both old and new ones);
•  Copy of Seaman Handbook(s) / CDC (pages that show your photo and personal details);
•  Scanned copy of the Bank Book or Statement, clearly showing the name of the bank, member’s name and member’s bank account number; and
•  Additional documents such as Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate and Beneficiary ID, if the payout is in the name of the nominee/beneficiary.

5.  Do I need to be a SMOU member before I can withdraw my SPF?
No. SMOU membership and SPF account are unrelated. You can contact the SPF administrator at to confirm your SPF account details.

6.  My SMOU membership has been inactive, can I still withdraw my SPF?
Yes. You can submit your SPF withdrawal request before the 1 December 2021 deadline.