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28 Aug 2019
3 mins
Bringing Kids into the World of KidZania

Organised by Young SMOU (YSMOU) and supported by the Young NTUC U Heart initiative, the learning visit brought the kids under the Bright Horizon Fund programme for a vocational tour, led by YSMOU volunteers and staff.

At KidZania, the kids could explore the 81,000 square feet kid-sized City, complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and a functioning economy, just like in a real world! Through realistic role-play, the kids learnt about different careers, the inner-workings of a city and the concept of managing money.

The fire and police department were particularly the ‘hot favourites’ among the children as both departments worked hand-in-hand to pull off a rescue operation involving a burning hotel. Those who had other altruistic aspirations visited the hospital to see if they could save lives. And then, there were those who stepped into the music world to become an entertainer.

At the food and beverage establishments, the kids learnt how to assemble burgers and pizzas at KFC and Pizza Hut. The best part is that they got to eat the fruit of their labour. They also learned about more unique topics like probiotics, mattreses and bottling of mineral water. In the world of KidZania, currently called ‘kidzos’ had to be used to make any business transactions. This helped the children learn about money management.

When it was time for lunch, the kids, parents and volunteers gathered at the Making Friends Cafe where volunteers distributed lunch and juice boxes. The July babies were so thrilled to have their birthday celebrated in KidZania. Lunch ended with volunteers distributing goodie bags to the children and parents which included snacks, colour pencils for the children and a group picture.

It was indeed a memorable experience for the kids of MFS, together with new found friends in the form of big sisters and brothers from YSMOU!

“Ice cream is very nice, and I get to eat ice cream,” was the most resounding feedback from Kindergarten 2 kids Andiqa and Dharani. Not only did they learn how to make ice cream they get to eat it too.

Nur-ain, one of the parents noted about the event – “It was very good. The last time, SMOU brought the kids to the Night Safari, and then now to Kidzania – so I think it’s fun and good for the kids. The volunteers interacted so well with the children.”

YSMOU volunteer Cong Rui, has been helping out with SMOU for the past four years. He found the event good where families can bond together and the kids get to pick up useful skills. “It was very enjoyable seeing the kids run around and participating in activities. I took care of 3 kids in a group of 6 throughout the event. These kids were very inquisitive. It’s quite insightful for me to see how the kids think.”

Thankful to YSMOU for making time to engage with the kids, Ms Faezah, a Deputy Centre Lead of MFS Jalan Sultan Centre said, “This event was great in the sense that the kids got the opportunity to interact with YSMOU volunteers, those whom they normally don’t see regularly. It’s a good way for them to develop their social skills, where they get to share and talk to people.”