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07 Jul 2020
2 mins
Bringing MaritimeSG Care Packs to Seafarers

As a gesture to acknowledge seafarers’ invaluable contribution to the world, SMOU partnered with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Singapore Organisation of Seamen and Singapore Shipping Association to distribute 1,000 care packs to the MaritimeSG community, specifically the crew onboard harbour craft and ocean-going vessels who have been significantly impacted by Coronavirus.

On 18 June, SMOU teamed up with Mission to Seafarers Singapore (MTSS) to help distribute the MaritimeSG care packs to six vessels, namely, MV PS Trieste, MV Petropavlovsk, MV Seabravery, MV Nectar Sea, MV Navios Centaurus, MV Jabal Samhan at the Singapore anchorage. The care packs, containing hand sanitisers, wet wipes, disposable masks, liquid soap and some food supplements for their consumption came in handy for some of the vessels as they prepare to move on to their next voyage.

As part of the safe management measures, instead of boarding the vessel, SMOU and MTSS advised the crew to drop a rope onto the MTSS launch boat to hoist the care packs onto the vessels. The crew members were happy to receive the MaritimeSG care packs and we hope that it will brighten up their day, and also to remind them that they are the unsung heroes of the sea and we have not forgotten about them.

Stay Strong and Stay Safe!