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20 Jul 2023
1 min
CADETSPLUS INDIA – A Unique Preparatory Experience Before Shipboard Deployment!

Some 97 Cadets from across India participated in the recent CadetsPlus Programme from Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI) from 5 to 23 June 2023.

The 3-week collective programme for the Cadets covered modules encompassing Confident Conversation in English & Personal Effectiveness, Maritime Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Protection and Maritime Legislative Requirements.

The Programme benefits both the cadets and shipping employers by increasing productivity & efficiency through the shortening of the learning curve of our cadets and helping them to better adjust to life onboard our Singapore fleet of commercial ships sailing around the world.

The stay-in programme was delivered in collaboration with AMET University, who were a good host to our cadets and WMI academic team, giving them a second home and a training ground, to mould the cadets into officers with state-of-the art training equipment, facilities and support.

The attending Cadets were nominated by 11 different participating Shipping employers.

The training concluded with a Graduation Ceremony and Dinner in Chennai which was attended by the representatives of the participating shipping partners and graced by Guest-of-Honour, Dr J. Ramachandran, Chancellor of the AMET University, who presented the graduation certificates to all 97 cadets.

The Cadets are now ready to embark on their new career journeys!