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27 Aug 2019
2 mins
Debuting in India – CadetsPlus Chennai 2019

WMI conducted its first CadetsPlus Programme in India at the Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET). WMI lecturers trained 113 cadets who hailed from various parts of India. Across the three-week-long programme, cadets complemented their technical training by building up on soft skills such as communication, cross-cultural awareness and personal development, as well as knowledge on legislation, workplace safety and the environment.

The cadets celebrated their graduation on 21 June with their families, employers and lecturers over dinner at the Hilton Hotel. SMOU is grateful to Dr J. Ramachandran, Chancellor of AMET and his team, for facilitating this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young seafarers.


“My son is privileged to receive training from an experienced company. Seafaring has always been his dream, and I gave him my blessings. The dangers are always there, but with training, it will help him deal better with life at sea. ”

– Sabarish Hariharan, Deck Cadet’s Mother


“The three weeks passed too fast. I wish the programme could be longer. It was a great opportunity to meet people – fellow cadets and teachers. I would like to thank Captain Menon. I learned a lot from him.”

– Minnu Rajiv, Deck Cadet, Maersk Line


“I’ve spoken to a few of PIL cadets and they told me they are happy with the programme. You have given them something totally different, to help them grow as a person and as an officer. You have helped them get acquainted with situations that can happen on board, and prepare them for these. Keep it up! ”

– Captain Kaushik, Manager – PMA, Pacific International Lines