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26 Sep 2023
3 mins
Learning How to Create Your Perfect Pitch

Imagine that you have just stepped into a networking event where there are opportunities to meet prospective jobs or connections. Then, someone asks you about what you do, you begin to speak but find yourself momentarily at a loss as to where to start.

This is one situation where it would be handy to have an ‘elevator pitch’, a short speech that introduces who you are or what your organisation does, clearly and succinctly.

On 31 August 2023, close to 20 Young SMOU (YSMOU) members learnt how to craft their first elevator pitch at the “Elevate Your Impact – Elevator Pitch” Workshop, held at NTUC Club @ SingPost Centre.  Organised by YSMOU, the development workshop aimed at upskilling youth members in interpersonal communications.

Trainer from e2i, Mr Andre Cheong, brought participants through a learning journey of creating an elevator pitch that is compact and compelling, that would leave a lasting impression in networking events.

As a way to kickstart the workshop, each participant was asked to share three words to describe him/herself. Through the interaction, the trainer guided the youths on how to use some of the keywords they shared into crafting a memorable introduction, one that would pique people’s interest.

During the session, youth members were coached on the key elements of crafting an effective pitch. This encompassed discussing one’s professional background and past collaborations, emphasising the value they can provide, highlighting their unique selling proposition (USP), and delivering an introduction that is both compelling and authentically natural.

To inspire and guide the youths in enhancing their introductions, trainer Andre provided examples of a well-crafted pitch.

Using the tips learnt from the session, a few of the youths seized the opportunity to create their first elevator pitches and presented them to the group. Trainer Andre offered feedback on ways they can enhance their introductions and acknowledged the aspects that were done well.

The workshop was followed by a Q&A session, where members sought clarification on how to manage their introductions without sounding or come across as too boastful to others.

After the session, youths took their introduction skills to the next level as they networked with each other. The room was buzzing with conversations.

YSMOU member Phipps David (member of 10 years) was singing high praises about the useful information gleaned from the elevator pitch workshop. The former seafarer had never attended such workshop before. One takeaway for David is that he learnt how to package his skills in a marketable way. He said that he will apply this skill and be ready to present his pitch when meeting future employers.

A first-time attendee of workshop organised by YSMOU, newly joined member 4th Engineer Soh Tze Shing shared that he never knew there was so much thought that goes into an elevator pitch. He gained insights through the engaging trainer, and found the information easy to digest and to apply.

With their newly learnt skills in creating an effective elevator pitch, youth members found confidence in better presenting themselves at networking events.