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05 Nov 2020
2 mins
May Day Awards: Comrade of Labour Award – Brother Tay Chin Joo


Brother Tay Chin Joo, Executive Committee Member, SMOU

Brother Tay Chin Joo was nominated by SMOU to receive the Comrade of Labour Award which is conferred on serving trade unionists who have made significant contributions to their unions and are still active in their Executive Committees (EXCO).

The May Day Awards 2020 honours exemplary union leaders, workers and tripartite partners who contribute towards better wages, welfare and prospects for our workers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were no physical May Day Award presentation event. NTUC Secretary-General Brother Ng Chee Meng presented the award to Brother Chin Joo during his visit and dialogue with SMOU EXCO.   

Having been a member of SMOU for 43 years, with the last 35 years as a union leader in the EXCO, Brother Chin Joo has served in various committees of the union. An active member in the Financial, Administrative, Employment & Employability and Training Committees, Brother Chin Joo has been pivotal in engaging with members on union’s welfare and training initiatives and providing feedback to the union on members’ concerns.

Being a long-serving member in SMOU Financial and Administrative Committees, he has been a conscientious leader who ensures that the union is financially stable in order to continuously support various members’ welfare benefits and training programmes.

Brother Chin Joo’s dedication to the union and care towards members, especially during difficult times has been commendable. His efforts have strengthened the cohesiveness between the union and members.

Over the years, he has been actively promoting the workfare and welfare of members by encouraging members to upgrade their skills. Back in 1997, the EXCO initiated SMOU Alternate Career Scheme to help members who lost their jobs by equipping and training them with the necessary skills required to make a career switch. In the recent focus on digitalization, Brother Chin Joo actively encourages members to upgrade and reskill by adopting the value of lifelong learning.