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07 Apr 2022
1 min
Renewing ties with Shipping Companies across the New Year

During the Lunar New Year season, SMOU took this opportunity to catch up with Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) companies. The festival served as a good time for SMOU to come together to reaffirm ties with the shipping companies.

Over the years, the meaningful tradition of tossing the ‘LoHei’– an emblem of prosperity – has also been an integral part of the luncheon. CBA company officials and SMOU came together to add ingredients of the dish, accompanied by auspicious sayings, and tossed it from a height as a symbol of good fortune and success for the year to come. The lunches were held in accordance with the current safe management advisory to ensure the safety of everyone. The get-together was rounded off with good cheer as both the representatives from CBA companies and SMOU chart their way ahead into another year with stronger ties and deeper bonds.