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06 Nov 2023
2 mins
Empowering Camaraderie: A Gathering of Women Seafarers

A profound power of camaraderie arises when women seafarers come together and support one another in male-dominated industry. 

15 women seafarers found much support and encouragement when they gathered for a Women Seafarers Lunch Get-Together on 3 October at the Lighthouse Bistro.

Joining the get-together was SMOU General Secretary, Sister Mary Liew. She greeted the women seafarers, encouraging them to share their sailing experiences and take the opportunity to network with one another. While congratulating the two seafarers who had recently attained their CoC 2 and 3, Sister Mary also offered words of encouragement, urging the other seafarers to never to give up in pursuing their seafaring career.

The encouragement message set the tone for the entire time of gathering, as cadets sought advice on preparations before their sailing trip, while officers shared their sailing experience. We were also delighted to have former seafarer Sister Wan Fei Fei from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore join us. The seafarers took the chance to exchange pieces of advice on preparations for the CoC examination, safety knowledge while onboard ship and more.

During the get-together, the union also took the chance to celebrate two of the seafarers whose birthday falls in the month of October.

After lunch, YSMOU brought the group to SMOU Mariners’ Lounge, where some of the newly joined members could see the union’s lounge for its members and facilities available. The networking among women seafarers continued past the lunch. There is certainly a strong sense of camaraderie when women seafarers gather.